PSY250 / PSY 250 / Week 5 Learning Team Assignment: Person-Situation Interactions Presentation

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  • Abstract:Learning Team Assignment: Person-Situation Interactions Presentation Prepare a 10-12 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation using one of the following scenarios, or create your own with instructor approval, in which your team applies the perspective of personality, based on person-situation interactions:o Sharon is talkative and friendly to guests she has invited over for a dinner party. She mingles freely in the various social circles that have developed throughout her home. Her guests enjoy her carefree attitude and enjoy the time spent with her. When one of her guests decides to return the favor, Sharon arrives to discover she only knows her host. She quickly gets a drink and spends most of the night sitting in a chair tucked away in a corner, set away from the social interactions. At dinner she keeps to herself and answers questions with no more than three words at a time. When dinner is over, she thanks her host and quickly leaves, avoiding saying farewell to any of the other guests.o Isabella is a sophomore in college who is spending her Spring Break at Rocky Point for the first time. She drinks heavily, engages in sexual activity with strangers, sleeps through the day to be ready to party at night, and spends most of the week in a bikini. She is very outgoing with everyone she meets. When the semester ends, Isabella goes home for the summer to be with her parents. Isabella dresses conservatively, and is usually home by midnight, unless she spends the night at a friend’s house. Her parents believe her sexual activity has been limited to a boyfriend she dated for two years. Isabella has not mentioned dating anyone since the break up. When she goes to the beach with her parents, Isabella wears a one piece bathing suit. She is generally outgoing, friendly, and considered a “good girl.” Her parents had once hoped she would marry the boy next door, until he got a tattoo.o Rick is the CEO of a small company. He shows up every day to the office in an Armani suit and tie and is very professional with his staff.
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